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Russian Army Patrol Backpack LESHY Tactical Military Pack 45L by SSO SPOSN

Russian Army Patrol Backpack LESHY Tactical Military Pack 45L by SSO SPOSN
Russian Army Patrol Backpack LESHY Tactical Military Pack 45L by SSO SPOSN
Russian Army Patrol Backpack LESHY Tactical Military Pack 45L by SSO SPOSN

Russian Army Patrol Backpack LESHY Tactical Military Pack 45L by SSO SPOSN    Russian Army Patrol Backpack LESHY Tactical Military Pack 45L by SSO SPOSN

We Present to your attention patrol backpack "Goblin". The Total volume backpack â 45 liters. Br> "Goblin" belongs to the class of so-called patrol backpacks designed to provide its owner the autonomy over several days, in the course of performing their job responsibilities apart from supply bases. Not counting military use, the backpack is perfect for hikers, hunters, rescuers, medics, and other emergency personnel. The backpack has a rectangular design with dual entrance to main compartment.

The upper entrance has a traditional look and is utgiver tube with cord and a plastic retainer, wide mouth, top cover folding flap on two polyamide castles-fastech. The lower entrance is, in fact, unbuttoned to the bottom of the backpack. When opening the nylon zipper, the bottom quarter of the main compartment of the backpack with moving away and can lean back, hanging on the back of the panel. In addition to lightning, the bottom entrance is closed and additionally fixed by two polyamide testexam.

Thanks to a double entrance, provides fast access to the inside the property. In the main compartment unbuttoned a membrane separator, in order to form two separate compartments: the top (at 2/3 volume of main compartment) â using the top entrance and bottom (1/3 volume), respectively, with the entrance at the bottom. Inside the main compartment is adjacent to the dorsal panel, a large pocket (2/3 of the height of the backpack, counting from the bottom). In this pocket is convenient to transport folders, cards, laptop and other flat dimensional items.

In addition, if necessary, it is possible to place a flask-Hydrator with a capacity up to three liters. In the latter case, the hose Hydrator, through a special hole with a valve, is displayed on one of the straps of the backpack. At the bottom of the main compartment there are two grommets for water drainage. In two long narrow pockets-channels, vertically positioned on the back panel in the main compartment of the backpack can be removable aluminum "armor" (included), giving the backpack rigidity.

The top flap of the backpack, covering the top entry to main compartment, has its own pouch pocket on the nylon zipper. In this pocket is also detachable waterproof cover for backpack, pulled on it to protect from rain, spray or dew. On the right and left sides of the backpack there is a large vertically oriented pocket. Both pockets are closed at the top, the valves on the locks-fastech and can utgivelse in the upper cut, the cord with a plastic clip. The volume of the side pockets is sufficient, for example, to embed in one of them four stores AKM. At the bottom of the pockets have grommets to drain water. Side pockets stitched to the main body of the backpack in a special way: in fact, they are secured two vertical seams on both sides, forming between itself and the main body through a channel designed to mount on the sides of the backpack different long things shovel, axe, machete, etc. The volume of the main compartment and side pockets optional adjustable side straps-ties (two each side) that help reinforce long-length. On the back of the backpack there are three elastic panel, closed soft and durable ventilated mesh. The top two are set vertically, right and left of the center back, allowing you to freely circulate the air. Under the Central bottom panel resting on the sacrum, is a channel with clamping devices for the developed removable belt. Right and left halves of the belt also have a soft mesh panel coming into contact with the body of the user.

In front of the belt goes into a solid 50 mm strap with locking buckle fastex. On the back of the backpack hold two adjustable S-shaped padded shoulder straps with the inner surface of the same ventilating mesh. The straps are reinforced with strong nylon straps that connect at the bottom of the backpack with the same response slings steel buckles-the most.

From loss and slipping from the back of the user's backpack insures durable, adjustable in size and height, breast-tie clasp-the fastex. On the outer side of the shoulder straps has a steel half-ring for fixing small equipment and additional elements of a tabbed sling for fixing a hose drinking system. Backpack allows you to carry gear not only inside but also outside, thanks to the presence on the outer free surfaces developed mate mounting standard PALS/MOLLE.

All slings, fasteners forming cells, a special reinforced sewn seams in a simple geometric line with the mounting standard. Five sling with MOLLE cells (five full cells) is horizontally located on the main front panel of the backpack.

Four horizontal straps with cells (eight full cells) sewn onto the top flap of the backpack. Three horizontal straps (18 cells MOLLE), skirting the backpack is not only the front side but also laterally arranged in the lower quarter of the backpack, underneath the horizontal bottom entry zipper to the main compartment. At the bottom of the backpack sewn two wide (50 mm) parallel lines, forming nests (seven nests in each) to secure additional cargo. Additional equipment attached to the MOLLE cells and benthic nests, including using the included backpack tajnyh sets of adjustable strop.

An additional element included is also a large rear pouch (260Ñ230Ñ90 mm) with a fastening system MOLLE. This pouch is closed at the top utgiven sewn into a tube with a plastic locking mechanism on the cord and a cover flap with two locks-fastech. Right and left lateral sides of the pouch have three rows of paired cells MOLLE.

The pouch is ideally located, being mounted on main front panel of the backpack, form an additional pocket compartment. In the upper part of the "devil" has a large comfortable handle for carrying. All the zippers are equipped with additional leashes from durable nylon cord.

Some colors have a different price. Digital Flora, Olive, Black, ATACS, Woodland, Multicam, SPECTRE SKWO, SPECTRE. Don`t worry about track number...

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  • Brand: SSO (SPOSN)

Russian Army Patrol Backpack LESHY Tactical Military Pack 45L by SSO SPOSN    Russian Army Patrol Backpack LESHY Tactical Military Pack 45L by SSO SPOSN